Knife ASBO: The proposed knife crime prevention orders

Due to my involvement with knife crime I get sent anything and everything around the issue. Today I received a link to the government’s plans on addressing the issue: the “knife crime prevention orders”.

From what I can gather the orders are issued to young people over 12 years old, who are believed to be carrying a bladed article or those with previous knife convictions. These young people could be faced with geographical restrictions, curfews and limited use of social media.

The first thing I noticed is that the police don’t need hard evidence that the young people actively carry knives. How on earth do you believe or suspect somebody has a knife? Their appearance, where they are from, the people they hang around with. The more I think about punishing someone without knowing if they have actually done wrong the more it makes no sense, never mind thinking about how it will be enforced.

The punishments are bizarre, geographical restrictions may stop people leaving their area but it doesn’t stop others coming to their area, it also doesn’t stop people from carrying knives. Again, curfews may stop young people from being on the streets at certain times but will it stop them from carrying when they are allowed out. Limiting use of social media, I don’t even know where to start, there is no way that this action can be policed. All it needs is a new email, new account and there you have it, a new person.

I am a strong believer in educating young people on knife crime, my experience of working with young people has shown that some do not think its illegal to carry a knife and more don’t see there is anything wrong with carrying one. My philosophy is this, you don’t know what is right until you are told what is wrong. Once you know the difference between right and wrong you are fully responsible of the consequence.