‘DANGEROUS’ Fortnite pens with hidden knives

Schools have warned parents over a surge in ‘Fortnite’ pens with hidden knifes.  I hear Fortnite and think of a child friendly game, I hear ‘pen with a knife’ so I feel it is not as dangerous as a pen knife. After researching these bladed articles, I could not have been more wrong. The outer casing is made from carbon fibre to allow them to be light but strong. The concealed stainless steal drop pointed serrated blade reaches a length of 2.25″, making it effective for stabbing and cutting through objects. These concealed knives are dangerous and have the potential of killing people.

Food for thought:

Are they just a trend or are the students really in fear for their lives?

They are sold as a gadget, one that would be appealing to young people as with the floss. So it might just be a trend but while students have access to these knives the possibility of them being used is very high. These weapons and any other bladed gadgets need to be addressed promptly as it could create a domino effect as do the amusing dance moves.

Is a message warning parents enough ?

I don’t think it is enough, schools need to talk to the students and find out why they feel the need to carry a knife. The schools also need to educate student about knife crime and do all they can to ensure all students feel safe when in their care.