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Our Mission

There has been a worrying increase in knife crime around the UK, including Sheffield, in recent years – and nothing will change if nobody takes action. We soon realised that young people were the main target and offenders of these attacks, so we decided to try and reduce knife crime by educating the youth of Sheffield; and this is where Keep Sheffield Stainless began.

Here at Keep Sheffield Stainless, our team of volunteers work to create a safe place for those affected by knife crime to come together, and to reduce the number of knifes on the street. We hope that people will notice the work we are doing, and will be inspired to stop knife crime in other areas of the UK. We believe we can significantly reduce the number of people injured and killed by knifes by working together.

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The more volunteers we have, the better chance we have of making a difference and helping the citizens of Sheffield. If you are wanting to do something good within your local community, we would be grateful if you would consider helping us to Keep Sheffield Stainless. Speak to us on 07563 580954 to find out more about what being a volunteer for us involves.

Anti Knife Crime Workshop

Facts and Stats of Knife Crime

This workshop concentrates on the statistics behind knife and crime and investigates whether the severity of the problem is emphasised in the media. We define what is fact and what is fiction.

Anti Knife Crime Workshop

Conflict Management

During this workshop, we will look at what conflict is, what causes it and the stages of escalation. We will then discuss techniques of de-escalation which can be used to resolve conflict.

Anti Knife Crime Workshop

Effects of Knife Crime

Many people know that knife crime is a growing problem, but this workshop brings the severity into perspective. You will find out about victims and the consequences of knife crime offences by hearing from a newly released convict.

Anti Knife Crime Workshop

1TEN Mindset

This final module focuses on self-confidence and motivation. This workshop is unique to us, and we use it to inspire young people on how to overcome stereotypes to become successful.

Show your Support

Please download and print the flyer, and display anywhere you can to show your support

Please download and print the poster and display anywhere you can to show your support.

We are doing our best to promote the work we are doing and encourage people to get involved, but we need your help to do this. Our work has already gained a lot of interest and support within the community, could you help us further?

Every good act will help us to achieve our mission of decreasing knife crime as much as possible in Sheffield, so if you have a shop or anywhere you could display our poster, please use the link below to download it.


Knife Collection
Turn in your knives

One of the main responsibilities we have taken on, for the good of the local people, is a free knife/weapon collection and disposal service in and around Sheffield. Our volunteers work to reduce knife crime by safely collecting weapons in an agreed location – while following police guidelines and documenting all collections.

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